About Us

The Journey 2017-Now

This company was founded on the principle of love and all things sweet and healthy. Food preservation, especially fruits preservation, and particularly preservation of peaches, dates a far back in time as we human being can go, especially Basotho. It is only that it was done at subsistent scales. This was an opportunity for Limomonane founder to start producing for sale. You will agree that the busy schedules of many professional people does not allow them to labor in the kitchen for hours to prepare a simple meal, let alone preserve foods which normally takes hours. This practice is facing the possibility of extinction as many commercial stores sell products that are laden with chemicals. Modern food products are awash with chemicals and they have too much sugar and fat. It is for this reason that Limomomane was established; to provide people with products that would hit two birds with a single stone—tasty and healthy.

People who are sick such as those who are diabetic, choosing what to eat is very important. Many people also watch what they eat and prefer the organic options to everything they consume because of health risks that are associated with processed foods. When you come to Limomonane, you have no reason to worry about health. We provide the best healthy taste the world has ever tasted. Days of worrying about kids eating jam that is artificially sweetened are over!

By now we have established that Limomonane brought to the market what people have always wanted and never even knew they indeed wanted it. It is for this reason that Limomonane entered an entrepreneurship completion for youth. Winning the grant was the break that was needed and there was no turning back. As the journey continues, we are proud of our achievements and excited by the possibilities ahead.